Three Things to Consider When Buying a Corner Desk

There’s no denying that more and more people have begun to see corner desks as a much better option than conventional work desks or tables. Space savvy, cheap and functional, they take care of many of the basic problems of all sorts of people, from students to work-at-home professionals. But, despite how useful they are, there’s three things you need to think about before purchasing one.

So before you go online and do some shopping or hop in your car and go to your local furniture store to check out your options be sure to consider:

1. Material. The most common materials used for this type of furniture are glass and wood. Of the two, wood is more popular because aside from being cheaper, it’s also much more versatile. Wooden desks can go with just about any decor. For this reason white corner desks are really popular since white is a neutral color you get both the charm of wood and can use it with any color scheme. Many wooden options offer much better storage as well with shelving and drawers which really add to their appeal. Glass corner desks are fantastic looking however since they are made to be incredibly modern looking, this means while they are sleek they don’t have much to offer in terms of storage. They can really transform the aesthetics of an office and for this reason are often used in cubicles and professional spaces. Of course at home they can be an eye-catching piece of furniture to be used in a modern looking room.

2. Size. Let’s say you picked up a small Ikea corner desk without measuring anything. Hey, it’s small, what could go wrong, right? Well, tons, really. You need to remember that as space saving and good looking as they can be, corner desks still need to fit the space they will be used in. Be sure to take measurements such as how large you want it to be and how much space there is in your room. This way, you choose not only the best looking corner desk your money can buy, but one that’s a perfect fit for your room.

3. Design. These desks aren’t all the same. Some are just simple in design without many added features, while some have shelves on the sides, drawers, and are a bit larger. You may also find a corner desk with hutch, which is A WHOLE LOT bigger and are best used in kitchens or large home offices. Either way, you’ll want to pick out the best design that’s fit for your use.

Beautiful and functional, a corner desk is a fabulous piece of functional furniture that you’ll love using for years to come. Just be sure to take your time and consider material, size, and design, and there’s no going wrong.

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