Innovative Design Updates for Recliners

Many homes have at least one easy chair tucked into a corner. Recliners have been a staple in the American living room for over half a century, delivering comfort and traditional style to match virtually any decor. A potential buyer should explore new innovations in this piece of furniture before making any future purchases.

New Designs and Styles

Recliners have received important structural updates that translate into superior comfort. With a wide variety of positions, the back of the chair and the footrest can even work together or independently, depending on individual desire. While seated in this comfortable chair, you can enjoy complete body and lumbar support at any position. Some designs even allow you to adjust the tension to make it easier to operate the chair. Space-saving features will position you snugly against the wall without worrisome damage to the chair or the wall.

Designs have also changed over the years. Rocker recliners are still a popular choice for any living room with their smooth function and support. Gliding chairs swivel easily on a steady base for the utmost in usability. A number of newer designs actually hide the mechanisms in trendy, designer furniture. With high legs and low profiles, you might never suspect that a recliner hides within the sleek design. Couches and love seats also feature comfort options with greater frequency. Browse numerous fabric and leather options in solids and colorful patterns.

Power Features

New power features fit many lifestyles. With easy-to-use buttons, you can relax and kick back with virtually no effort at all. Imagine simply pushing a button to move the footrest into the exact position you want. The footrest also has a safety feature to ensure that it does not move until released. Simply press a button and the seat will glide easily into a full recline position. Some chairs even rock themselves to soothe you gently. Adjust the headrest to exactly where you want it for reading, watching television, or taking a nap. Personal memory settings will remember your favorite positions to enable you to return to them whenever you sit. A power lift function could also help you out of the seat if you struggle with mobility. A backup battery will position the unit in an upright position if a power outage occurs.

Additional Options

Imagine the fun of personalizing your furniture so it fits you perfectly. Add a thick layer of Memory Foam to improve the comfort level exponentially. If you’re left-handed, switch the handle to the left side for easy access. If you have long legs, you could even choose an extended footrest to ensure that the chair fits you precisely. Consider a variety of metal finishes for the handle and wood finishes for the accent areas. A reclining sectional could feature individual recliners, separated by wedge console units that provide power options and added storage features.

Why not treat yourself to a little extra pampering with your living room furniture. Once you begin exploring new recliners, you won’t be able to resist.

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