Functional Office Furniture That Lasts

Hundreds of thousands of new businesses open their doors each year in America. Some are retail stores; others are offices that provide essential services. Almost all of them are small businesses. The new business owner has several immediate concerns that must be addressed. Even before she invests in advertising or takes prospective clients out to dinner, she must make certain that her staff is comfortable in a neat, orderly environment.

The Benefits

Nobody likes a messy workplace. It sends the wrong message to both clients and employees. A laid-back environment may be okay when a company is running like a well-oiled machine, but not when it is just starting out. The best way to ensure a professional workplace is to buy the right office furniture.

What You Need

Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and bookshelves can be found in most working offices. Like items for the home, office furniture ranges in price based on style, material, and design. A handcrafted desk of rich mahogany will obviously be more expensive than a prefabricated modern model made from recycled wood and synthetic fibers. But, the cost may not be the most important consideration.


Most modern businesses do not need expensive, aesthetically pleasing furniture like the kinds you would expect to see in a home. There are, of course, a few exceptions. A law firm, for example, is far more likely to feature handmade wooden furniture than a call center. Why? As you might imagine, the law firm receives more clients in person, which means it must make a good impression. But, for most bosses, the comfort of the staff is the most pressing concern when shopping for furniture. With that in mind, here is what you should consider when shopping for indispensable workplace appliances.


Arguably the most important piece of furniture in the workplace is the standard chair. Because employees will be sitting in them for several hours each day, they should be functional and comfortable. Work chairs are often described as ergonomic, but what does that really mean? In short, it means that the chair should be adjustable. It should give users the ability to adjust the back, seat, arms, and the tilt. Work models should also have a base that swivels, as well as castors or wheels. These fairly standard features help increase comfort levels without sacrificing productivity. In fact, a good chair can actually make a worker more productive. That does not, however, mean that they are worry-free.

The most common complaint modern workers have when it comes to office furniture is the chair base. When the base is made of plastic, the wheels can and often do snap off. This can cause an injury or an embarrassing episode. Either way, workers will not be happy. To avoid these unpleasant potential outcomes, it is often best to go with a heavy-duty nylon or a metal base for work chairs.


The size and material of the modern work desk is an obvious status symbol. The boss often has a large wooden one, while his workers have smaller desks that sometimes have walls, i.e., cubicles. When it comes to functionality, a simple desk made of recycled wood and covered in a veneer is often on par with more expensive models. Of course, it cannot compare to the boss’s rich mahogany desk in the looks department. But, as we mentioned, function often trumps aesthetics in the workplace.

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